When dealing with your money is the LAST thing you want to do...

What I do is I hold people’s hands to help them face and then handle their money challenges so they can feel more and more like an adult when it comes to money. What my clients appreciate about me is that I’m super comfortable with all the emotions that dealing with money can bring up, as well as helping them work through all the practical details. Bottom line is I help people face the thing they cannot face. I help them get confident to deal with it on their own.

About me: Adam Koren has been coaching for more than 20 years, and brings care, clarity, and sanity to personal finances - especially for those who experience confusion, avoidance, and shame about them.  Adam holds people’s hands as they face what’s going on with their finances, tell themselves the truth about what’s happening there, and get it all on track and off their mind.
Licenses & certifications:
Certified financial coach
Certified Financial Planner™
Certified Public Accountant
Accredited Financial Counselor®
YNAB Certified Budget Coach
Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
Not certified
Education: Carleton College
Meeting location: