Meet Your Debt Gremlin

By the end of this session you will know how much debt you owe (how big your gremlin is), what your interest rates are (how much he eats) and how long you will be in debt (how long he will live with you). Once you have this information you will be able to make intentional choices about what strategies to use to get out of debt faster and pay less interest overall.

About me: Jen Nash is a heart-centered financial wellness advocate who promotes and creates financial capability resources that anyone can use to make financial decisions easier. As a seasoned social worker with a psychology degree, Jen is an expert in real human behavior. Her unique approach to finances shows people how to drop information from their heads into their hearts to create real and lasting changes in their lives.
Licenses & certifications:
Certified financial coach
Certified Financial Planner™
Certified Public Accountant
Accredited Financial Counselor®
YNAB Certified Budget Coach
Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
Not certified
Education: Psychology
Meeting location: