Home Ownership Free Consultation

During your Financial Snapshot session, a Saks of Savings coach will summarize your current financial situation. Your coach will discuss your financial goals, look at your income, debts, and expenses to create a Financial Snapshot for you. You and your coach will then work together to develop a customized Home Purchase Plan, using your Snapshot, so you can get back on the path to home ownership.

About me: Saks of Savings Financial Coaching was founded because no one should be denied their dream of home ownership. If you need help qualifying for a mortgage, or feel overwhelmed by the mortgage process, then financial coaching is right for you. A Saks of Savings Financial Coach will guide you and provide a plan to purchase your first home.
Licenses & certifications:
Certified financial coach
Certified Financial Planner™
Certified Public Accountant
Accredited Financial Counselor®
YNAB Certified Budget Coach
Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
Not certified
Education: Columbia University
Meeting location: