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Client FAQ

What is financial coaching?
Coaching is a process to achieve set goals. In coaching, an experienced person called a coach aids a client in setting and executing a plan. The client drives this process. Financial coaching includes establishing financial goals and providing the accountability to reach or modify those goals.

Why financial coaching? 

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to help people reach a financial goal. A financial coach provides the daily know-how and accountability needed to set and achieve financial goals. Like other types of coaching, there is always the opportunity to reach a goal and establish the next one. For example, a coach can work with a client to pay off student debt, then set a new goal of eliminating all debt or contributing to a retirement account. 

What is financial wellness? 

Individuals and families that reach financial wellness have achieved the following milestones:

  • Can meet current and future financial obligations. 

  • Have fully-funded emergency funds to meet most financial emergencies.

  • On track to accomplish their retirement goals. 

What is Savings Jar?

Savings Jar is a financial coaching marketplace connecting individuals and families looking to reach financial wellness with a financial coach’s help. Financial coaches share a passion for supporting individuals and families to achieve financial wellness. 

How do I get started? 

At Savings Jar, our goal is to match clients with the right coach at the right price. The matchmaking process includes the following:

  1. Choose your financial goal.
  2. Get matched with financial coaches with expertise in that goal.
  3. Schedule an introductory conversation with a coach. 

What is an introduction call?

An introduction call is an opportunity for you and the financial coach to talk before any financial commitment. The intro call is an excellent time to learn about the financial coach’s experience, success stories, and process. You should discuss the financial coach’s rate and packages during this call.

You and the financial coach need to ensure it’s the right fit. Most coaches devote up to 30 minutes for the intro call. 

What is the cost of financial coaching?

It’s free to create an account and set an intro call. The financial coaches set the coaching rate. Some financial coaches list their prices on their professional profiles. 

How much does it cost to connect with a financial coach?

Nothing. It’s free to search and connect with a financial coach. 

When do I pay for the financial coach’s service?

You pay for financial coaching following the intro conversation once you and the financial coach agree on a fee and start a professional relationship.

What is not financial coaching?

  • Not in control of the client money
  • Not in the wealth management business
  • Don't provide specific market or security recommendations
(We will remove from our marketplace any vendor that violates the above terms)

Financial Coach FAQ

What is Savings Jar

Savings Jar is a marketplace for financial coaches to connect with new clients and manage relationships.

Why do coaches partner with Savings Jar?

To grow their financial coaching practice. Being a part of the Savings Jar network provides exposure to clients looking to hire a trusted financial coach. 

What is the Savings Jar vetting method?
To join the Savings Jar marketplace as a coach, you need to have an active LinkedIn account with listed relevant experience. Our team will review your account before approving the listing. 

How to get started?

Create an account and complete your professional profile. You will receive a response within two business days. 

What kind of clients do we provide?

Clients looking to find a financial coach need to choose the expertise they are looking for and sign up with Savings Jar.

Besides access to new clients, what other value does Savings Jar provide?

  • Each financial coach can build a professional profile visible on search engines.

  • Business development opportunities. 

  • Increase exposure and SEO. 

Do I need to work exclusively with Savings Jar?
No. We are here to add value. Feel free to join other professional networks and communities.

How does Savings Jar make money?
It’s free to join and maintain an account with Savings Jar. In the future, we reserve the right to offer financial coaches the opportunity to have an enhanced personal account and pay for sponsored ads.

Does it cost money to join Savings Jar?

No. Financial coaches can join our marketplace and access new clients without paying. Again, we reserve the right to offer financial coaches an enhanced personal profile in the future. 

Is there a cut from my revenues?

We use Stripe as our secure payment processor. Stripe charges a transaction fee of 2.9% + .30 per transaction.